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Customer Review

Update 2023: After discovering Carsewa last year, I can confidently say that this is my favorite car rental company thus far in the Klang Valley area.

This year, we rented a car for the third time (in a year’s gap) with Carsewa and evidently, they not only provide and maintain immaculate cars but also excellent services! We rented a car for five weeks during our holiday back in Malaysia; however, on the second week in Kuala Lumpur, we had a trip to Sabah planned for a week, so, I asked if it was okay to park the car at the airport. My concern was that the car’s battery could possibly drain (lose charge) if the engine left off for a week long. 

To my surprise, instead of asking me to unplug the car’s battery or give any other instructions for that matter, I was offered a collection of the car before my trip and they brought it back to the airport upon my return (without additional charge)! Now, that’s really something because for the last twenty years of my car’ renting experiences every time we went back home, I had never come across any car rental companies (I mean independent/private companies and not the well-established car rental companies you see at the airport’s arrival hall) that offer such service in Malaysia (not without hassle). So, to be offered a service that is out of the ordinary is something I greatly appreciate and worth mentioning here.

Having said the above, those who intend to rent a car from Carsewa and bumped into this review, especially if you’re not Malaysian or have never been to Malaysia before, I’d say don’t hesitate, go ahead and make your booking! Cars are in immaculate condition, professional and friendly team, and most importantly, they provide an impeccable service!

Thank you so much, Alip, Yin and the two other crew members whom I’ve met but didn’t get their names! 

“Semoga perniagaan semakin maju, insyaAllah, ada umur, murah rezeki, kami sewa lagi”.

I rented two cars (one compact car for city use and an SUV for a short getaway to East Malaysia) from this company and I must say that they are excellent!

The booking process was fast and easy, immediate confirmation, and most importantly, the cars were both in mint condition! What more will need other than a ‘problem-free’ car when you rent one, right? So, I say in full confidence that this company (An Flexible) is a place to go if you need to rent a car.

Pick-up and collection were smooth. I opted for the cars to be delivered to me and it was a non-issue. They brought and collected the cars according to the requested time and place; and were very flexible and accommodating when I asked for an extra hour delay for collection which I really appreciated it.

Now, after a week, I received a notification that the deposit had been refunded to my account. That was fast! considering they might need to check if there is any traffic and parking penalties.

In summary, I am one very happy customer of this car rental company who would never hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. Thank you!